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Truck Mount vs Portable

Portable Carpet Cleaners have come a long way. Today many Portables can match the truck mount machines when it comes to cleaning. When I first got started I had a Master Technician who claimed he could out performed any truck mount unit. Remember this was 25 years ago when portables couldn’t heat up water or vacuum like truck mounts. This Master Tech would be sent out to fix redo’s from customers who were dissatisfy with the service. There wasn’t one job this man couldn’t fix, even if the stain wouldn’t come out he would remove it by cutting out the carpet and placing a repair piece from the closet. I remember once there was discoloration spot on the carpet and the owner couldn’t afford to cut out the spot. So he asked her for some crayons and colored the spot until you could hardly see it. I learn so much from him. The secret to this debate isn’t what type of machine you have but “the dedication to do a good job.” You have to enjoy what you do. This comes from desire to please your customers. I once had a portable carpet machine that had blown one of it’s motors. That day turn out to be the most difficult day of my life in carpet cleaning. Yet I received tips from every customer I clean that day. Why? Because I busted my chops in order to achieve a clean carpet. I think I lost 5 lbs. and had a soaked shirt by the time I was done. The end result was satisfied customers who called me again. We here at Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning use Truck Mount Units, but we also use portables for buildings where a truck mount can’t get to. So don’t be afraid of what a Carpet Technician will bring to your home. Instead question his dedication to “doing a good job”!

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